About us

Sturt Upper Reaches Landcare Group Inc. have been operating since 1995. We are a group of volunteers who carry out Landcare work in the community broadly defined by the catchment of the upper reaches of the Sturt River.

We have three main focuses:

  • to provide support for our members and members of the local community in managing properties
  • to run public meetings on current topics of mutual interest using speakers who have expertise in their field
  • to carry out on-site works, promoting best practice in managing vegetation for biodiversity and for water quality.

We are a contact point for the local community and a conduit for government and Natural Resource Management Boards to the public. We operate on a limited budget, focusing on working as a community group to showcase best practice in environmental management.

We aim to provide a community focus for Landcare in the local community. We promote a Landcare ethic in the community through public educational activities, practical demonstrations of best practice, support for community members wishing to improve their environmental knowledge and practices, and by providing a link to other environmental organizations.